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RedHat Partner Summit - Malta 2009

As usual Red Hat Partner Summit was great. Pretty “institutional”, but really funny this year with a dynamic team-building session with drums, dancing and much more.

Also the party at the disco was good, but (unfortunately) only few girls attended the party (opensource + business = very few girls :-/ ), so my dear friend Kanarip had to “climb” the cube and entertain the audience… (red hat: please, next time in disco invites more girls and keep away Kanarip from alcoholics…)



Malta bus… crazy cars…


Symbolic 1.3.0 coming soon!

Today Stafeno releases the first screencast of new Symbolic 1.3.0. It’s simply awesome! Cobbler integration, libvirt virtual machines support (also with web remote console), red hat cluster suite support, and much much more!

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

In few days we’ll be able to push online also new Symbolic web site! ;-)
Keep in touch and enjoy new symbolic version

“Free as a Beer” in Rome and Milan

Recently Byte-Code has started a new kind of “social” event: Free as a Beer!
It’s a very smart and informal way to join together developers, supporters and other kind of “open-source” lovers.

Last week I was in Rome and Milan to join a couple of “free-as-a-beer” event, and I really enjoyed it! At the end I counted more or less 150 pints of (free) beer. I hope to see new calendar soon for other cities :-)

…and, of course, all beers are provided by Byte-Code for free!!!








Halloween party

With the (usual) couple of weeks of delay, here you are some funny shots taken on Halloween party in Byte-Code. On FaceBook you an find all other “byte-code” related event taken in Halloween… :-) :-) :-)

I think we should make a contest to select the “best” (or ridiculous) photo. What do you think about it?


Marco Mornati

Candies (more or less…) :-)

Samuele in “relaxing area”…

…and Samuele and his beloved katana

European Condor Week - Barcelona

I’ve been a bit too busy during this “post August Holiday” period (yep, very long period!)… so my blog is affected by an evident obsolescence… (and my “email-in-queue-to-be-answered too…)

Now it’s time to fix some promises I took some weeks ago.

In particular, I’ve promised to condor team to publish online my photos taken on European Condor Week in Barcelona.

So, here you are:

All of us

Zach and Todd

Davide (why he’s hearing music? dunno…)

The wonderful location for the event. Really cool!

See you next-next year in Poland. :-)

RedHat Summit in Boston

After a couple of weeks, here I am to write a quickly post about RedHat Summit.

It was the first time for me in Boston (Great and beautiful city) and I really enjoyed the Summit, especially social events like party at Fenway Stadium or dinner at the 50th floor of Prudential Centre (see photos below). RedHat parties are great as usual! :-)

On the square, food quality wasn’t every time so good… Definitely +1 for the Lobster Ravioli (have you ever tasted this kind of ravioli in Italy?), but surely -1 for the “welcome cocktail” or sandwiches served during meal… Sorry, but I’m Italian guy…

BTW, Summit surely represents the most important opportunity to keep in touch with lot of “remote friends”, colleagues and come out with new ideas and new business strategies.
Fedora is everywhere :-)

Me and Jim

Fenway Stadium with the Boston skyline in background. Awesome!



Byte-Code MeetUp 2008

Every year, Byte-Code organizes a event for its employees and consultants to build new strategies and watching new technologies all together.

This year focus was agile approach on java development, with technologies like groovy and grails. There were also some very interesting (and useful!) presentations about regression tests for web applications, project management strategies an, last but not least, some new and innovative products developed in Byte-Code and released under GPL license: Symbolic and “SuperVisor”.

Antonio (RedHat channel manager) presented the “strong” relationship between Byte-Code, RedHat and JBoss. The only problem was the time! There wasn’t enough time to make some discussion about technologies after presentations… surely next year we’ll try to organize something better and with much more time!

All presentation were very professional and have opened new opportunities for lot of byte-code crew!

But this is nothing compared to the rafting activity planned for Saturday! It was simply great! I’ve never done rafting before, but it is very exciting and awesome! :-)

It was really “go wet”, not only for rafting… it rained during for all the time of the event! …as usual (the same last year for golf activities…)

Samuele trust me that all material made for the event (slides, videos and so on…) will be available online as soon as possible.

I really would like to thank you all Byte-Code people for all theirs help and contributions. MeetUp is being a really cool event!

Byte-Code People

Go Wet! Rafting rules

Simone’s presentation

Nice girls :-)

Gourmet activities…

Feedback withe board was filled by lot of notes

I’m here! ….with some red hat presents made by Antonio :-)

RedHat Partner Summit 2008

Two years after Canness RedHat event, a new summit reserved to RedHat Partners strikes back in Europe (Malaga). This time the format is a bit changed, and now it seems really similar to the offical RedHat Summit (USA).

I’ve spent three long days (for “long” I mean get up at 7.00 AM and never go to sleep untill 2.00 AM…) speching with other european partners about new solutions in Linux and JBoss markets and new opportunities for OpenSource software over the European countries. For me it was also my first occasion to meet Jim Whitehurst (new RedHat CEO) and to hear him saying things that are already MUST in Byte-Code, such as share custom customers software as OpenSource, to avoid writing and re-writing same things every time, not only to build “OpenSource products”, but also to build “OpenSource customers”.

It was also a great occasion to meet some old friends I didn’t see from a long long time, and to know new exciting friends.

It was also first big event for Carmen, RedHat employee since last month, now involved into RedHat Marketing team. I hope to see her also in Fedora marketing as soon as possibile ;-)

In my hopinion the only big missing stuff in the event was Fedora. Of course, it was a “business” event, but I can’t belive RedHat wants to manage event where community is too far, also because bussiness could (IMHO should) need to know the “voice of community”.

Due to the party on the beach I couldn’t attendee last Fedora Ambassadors meeting, last Wednesday, but I’d like to put this event in agenda for next year also for Fedora community.

Davide Presentation about JBoss migration is ready

Wonderful place :-)

Benalmadena harbor

OpenSource communities go west

My work often requires me to select (or develop) different kind of technologies. Every time I’ve got to make a choice between “traditional approach” and “OpenSource approach”, the questions I ask to myself are (more or less) always the same:

  • Is this new technology able to stay alive for a long long time?
  • Is it able to keep itself on the top of most used technologies?
  • Is it able to move people from old style approach into new OpenSource world?

…but since a couple of months ago, I’ve started asking to myself another important question:

  • Is this technology able to keep close to itself key people (basically the “community”)? Or it is only able to keep the “maintainers”, but not the innovators?

I think the ask for this question is very important to know the future of a product. Some time ago, I’ve blogged a post about “80% and 20% of developers“, where the real innovators are (IMHO) only a few people, and lose these people could be the end of a project.

I think OpenSource community needs to move over new and exciting technologies day by day. And innovators ARE OpenSource community. No way to keep a good innovator stopped to a technology for long time. Technology has to change and grow up fast if it wants to benefit by these extraordinary geeks.

So, here’s why you have to run out of town from static “huge” technologies (usually defined “enterprise”): best guys, best developers, best architects need to “go west”, to find new lands, looking for new opportunities to innovate world and make it better.

RedHat and Fedora (and, of course, Byte-Code! :-) ) are the best example I know (and they rock! Great innovations in Fedora make RedHat a REAL enterprise technology)

OpenSource community should be considered a “quality guarantee” by everyone, also when it try to head straight for new and unknown ways.

Just my two cents ;-)


Only two days ago I blogged a post to tell to the world about my new RHCA Certification, and today, Alberto Trivellato (a friend of mine and one of my best colleagues), takes Sun Java Enterprise Architect certification (the full name of cert. is quite long: “Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java Platform Enterprise Edition Technology”). It is the highest certification in Sun Java panorama as well as RHCA is the highest certification in Linux panorama.

I’ve spent a lot of my time into java environments and I know how hard this certification is. So, I’m really proud to work with Alberto and it’s for me an honor to join with this kind of high-skilled people.

Congratulations Alberto! I hope to follow your way as soon as possible :-)

…and now it’s time to buy an expensive Italian wine and make a party!