Last weekend I was in Brussels, during FOSDEM 2008. For me it was the first time at this event, but surely not the last! :-)

It attire geeks from all countries over the world, and not only form the Europe: I’ve met a lot of people coming from USA and Canada (just to say that it really is a international event).

All the FOSDEM days were very busy. The event was very crowded. Location (Brussels University) was good, but the booth (actually it was a couple of simple desktops) were placed into a very small hall, and you know how many people Fedora attract!

Result is what you can see on this flickr photos set: a really crowded room …and without a free buffet!!! ;-)


Great occasion also to meet different developers from all kind of projects (especially thanks to Lillian and Thomas from RedHat IcedTea Java team: all information they presented is very useful for my job on JBoss and other Java related stuff. Really happy to join their session).

I’m so sorry to not having the time yet to fix “Fedora Ambassadors Stats Script” with Fabian. I hope to have enough time this week to publish a skeleton for new improvements and (maybe) start a project to make statistics abut Fedora Project easily.

But for me (and not only for me) this event represents something more important: with other European Fedora Ambassadors, we’ve founded “Fedora EMEA”, a NPO (non-profit organization) with the goal to improve support for fedora community in all EMEA countries.

After the event, Fedora Ambassadors had a dinner on Saturday evening (thanks to Kanarip to show me what is a “Steak Tartre” in the real world, and also thanks to the restaurant to have a lot of other things in the menu!), where we have signed the statutes of new Fedora EMEA NPO.


Really good trip where I’ve met new friends that I hope to meet again as soon as possible.



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