Fedora Ambassadors Statistics

Today I’ve spent some hours to write a very “quick and dirty” python script to create some automatic statistics to show how Fedora ambassadors grow up fast.

For the moment script produce a simple command separated value file, useful to be opened with OpenOffice and make some charts.

Here you are a simple chart that shows number of ambassadors during last 10 months.

The script (for the moment) produce a table with months as rows and world area as columns. It takes data from fedora wiki.

Here you are some examples:

Ambassadors Country List

And here you are a chart only for South Europe Area:

Ambassadors Contry List - South Europe

As soon as possible I’ll write some classes to produce chart directly, without need to pass through OpenOffice, and (of course) put all scripts online. ;-)

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  1. Fabian said,

    Wrote on February 20, 2008 @ 9:16 am

    Thanks for your work on this issue, Francesco.

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